The days of sorting through an endless flood of resumes are over.

GoodJob simplifies the hiring process by serving you qualified job-seekers who will fit your company’s culture.

Better yet, they already know they want to work for you.

We took the outdated, inefficient, and stressful recruiting process and made a new one: Our algorithm is highly accurate at predicting whether someone is a great match for your position.

It’s simple: Post a job with a short description and key details, and we’ll match you instantly with the top applicants on our platform based on our comprehensive recruitment system. Got applicants? We’ll help you sort, filter, and rank them and choose the best fits without ever touching a resume.

Technology is pretty amazing — Netflix can tell you what show to binge next, and Amazon can recommend products before you know you need them.

We thought it was time for job hunting and recruiting to catch up, so we created GoodJob. GoodJob is an app that helps you find jobs where you’ll be most likely to succeed, using technology similar to what Netflix and Amazon use for their recommendations. One of the tools we’re using to evaluate job compatibility is called the PATH Assessment. It measures how you rely on Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits as you go about your work life.

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